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Meadow Brown

This song is dedicated to the would-be photographers at the Travelling Folk's Sussex Song and Ale 2008. These hardy people joined the event's Saturday walk through Bramble Grove where, at the furthest point in the walk, we came across a meadow full of entrancing and energetic meadow brown* butterflies dancing in the sunshine. We wanted very much to capture the moment in our photographs but alas, even though we tried really hard for upwards of twenty minutes, the butterflies simply would not stay still long enough ...
To the Tune of Shallow Brown [1]  a meadow brown butterfly by Dave McCormick at ukbutterflies.co.uk

1. Oh, it's goodbye, butterfly
    (Meadow, oh Meadow Brown)
   And it's goodbye, butterfly
    (Meadow, oh Meadow Brown).

2. Here among the grass and flowers
    (Meadow, oh Meadow Brown).
   You've been flitting round for hours
    (Meadow, oh Meadow Brown).

Not a meadow brown, sadly; but a pretty photo  of Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon taken by Charles in nearby Coldharbour Road 3. Oh why can't you settle down?
    (Meadow, oh Meadow Brown).
   You are tireless, Meadow Brown
    (Meadow, oh Meadow Brown).

4. Why won't you rest just long enough -
    (Meadow, oh Meadow Brown).
    For me to take your photograph?
    (Meadow, oh Meadow Brown).

Janet Elizabeth, July 2008.
* Actually the butterflies may not have been meadow brown, but the chorus opportunity was too good to miss.


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