Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
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Scottish dancers, a photo from the RSCDS 2014

Welcome to the official web site for the RSCDS Brighton Branch.

Scottish country dancing is sociable, energetic and fun. Scottish dancing a good exercise that keeps you fit, healthy and alert. It's also a great way to make new friends. Our classes are tremendously good value at only 4 for each evening class.

RSCDS Brighton invite you to come and learn to dance at our friendly Friday classes in Patcham, Brighton, Sussex. For more details visit classes - country. Beginners and improvers are always welcome!

Scottish dance - a highland fling a highland fling sword dancing - a highland dancer dancing over swords, by Charles Wordingham Highland dancing, which includes sword dancing, is for individuals and is very popular with children. We often perform highland dancing for competitions and displays. On the far left you can see someone dancing a highland fling, which is a highland dance. In the photograph, Rod is demonstrating a sword dance.

To read more about highland dancing and find selected YouTube videos, visit About Highland Dancing. For class details visit classes - highland.

dancing the petronella, a Scottish country dance Scottish Country dances are set dances. They are more complex than ceilidh or barn dancing, so they involve your brain as well as your body. On the left are people in two rows who are dancing a Scottish country dance called the Petronella. The video clip on the right features the reel: The Glens of Angus.

To read more about Scottish Country Dancing and find selected YouTube videos, visit About Scottish Country Dancing. For our dance class details visit classes - country.

I am grateful to Marucho's Folkdance Gallery for the two delightfully animated gif images above left.

What else do I need to know?

  • No kilts required, just wear loose clothes and soft shoes.
  • You don't need a partner, Scottish country dances are danced in sets of six or eight people and we like to change partners for each dance.
  • We meet weekly to practise; see Classes-Country and Classes-Highland for term dates and venues.
  • After learning basic steps, formations and simple dances for fun in class, you will find yourself ready to join our dance events - Valentines' Dance, Strawberry Tea Dance and Hallowe'en Dance .
  • See our FAQ page (frequently asked questions) for the answers to many other questions, including about annual branch membership.

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