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by Mahalia Brozda Dances are usually associated with a particular piece of music. As a vibrant, living traditon, both new dances and new music are constantly being composed.

Reels and jigs are fast dances, while Strathspeys are slower.

For each dance it is usual for the band to play the tune simply once through, but as the dance progresses the band plays ever more interesting, exciting and even amusing variations, settling down with the tune again for the last time through the dance.

Scottish country dance bands are usually made up of fiddle, accordion and keyboards, sometimes drums or flute, occasionally bagpipes are played, although they are mostly for Highland dancing.

We would love to hear from any local musicians who would like to play either for social events or for our classes.

Susanna Hawkins, 2002.

You can read more about the music for Scottish Country Dancing at Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary web site.

There are a number of day schools held in the South East for musicians, for more details check out the music page on the London Branch website.
The RSCDS offers a full one week Musicians' course as part of their Summer School in St Andrews for those who want to develop their dance band skills further.